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  • Residential loans application processes

    • Initial consultation.
    • Based on the consultation recommend home loan structure to meet your long term needs.
    • With your permission submit the home loan application to most suitable lender (or lenders).
    • Advise the outcome of the home loan application within 1 to 2 business days outlining terms, rates, benefits and obligation including condition precedents to the drawdown if any.
    • Execute loan documents with your solicitor.

  • Supporting documents to prepare for initial consultation. 

    The better you are prepared the easier the home loan application process. Below is a list of documents most lenders require at the minimum.
    • A copy of current passport and Driver’s Lincense.
    • A copy of the sale and purchase agreement if you have already purchased a property and need funding.
    • Income proof, e.g. pay slip or a letter from employer, (if self employeed) past 3 years financial statements prepared by accountant.
    • Past 3 months bank statements.
    • Asset proof, if applicable. i.e. Cash deposit, Property certificate of title, investments…





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